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Other Tucks Lifts and Corrections

Our upper arms and thighs can have problematic areas. DrSurgeonLastName can correct some of these problems through surgery. Brachioplasty, also known as an arm tuck, addresses problems with sagging, wobbling skin in the upper arm. Following weight loss, or with age, arms can appear loose or disproportional to the rest of the body. This surgical procedure can involve an incision that is short, from the armpit to upper arm, or a longer incision that goes down to the elbow. A full arm lift includes liposuction. The scar will run down the back of the arm, and won’t show from the front. Many patients who receive brachioplastic feel that the residual scar is less problematic than the excess skin that existed prior to the surgery.

Thigh or leg lifts can be performed by drName in a single procedure or in conjunction with liposuction. This surgery is designed to reshape and tighten a patient’s thighs. As well, leg lifts can include a mini-lift surgery, where skin is tightened along an incision in the crease of the groin. An extended lift includes the reduction of skin along the inner thigh, and the scar will extend from the groin to the inner knee. Liposuction is common to complete the contouring process and improve the profile of the leg. Because each patient is different, DrSurgeonLastName will make a plan for each individual patient to address his or her needs, body goals and to understand the scarring that will result from some skin-removal treatments.

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